What is possible?

We consider anything that comes under events or catering services. We have highly able event specialists that will consider your requests and make them come to life with the Crab Fiesta hallmark.

Will I receive a confirmation if I order services over the phone?

Of course! We thrive on customer relations and take each of our customers very seriously. As soon as you place an order, you shall receive a confirmation e-mail in a few moments post order.

Do you have a children’s menu and if so special pricing?

We do not have a separate menu but all of our dishes on the menu comprise of children friendly meals as well. The pricing for children’s meals are 50% of the price of adult admission which is applicable for children up to the age of 13.

Does Crab Fiesta only do public events or, can I hire you for a private party?

One of our specialties is organizing intimate private party setups. All we need to know is the type of party, age group and kind of cuisine and entertainment you are looking for and we shall get started with the planning process and provide you with an estimate.

How can I find out about upcoming public events?

We encourage all of our customers to keep a check on our official website where we update any upcoming events in our events section such as the early birds special pricing.

What kinds of ingredients do you put in your foods?

Quality and freshness are of paramount importance to us at Crab Fiesta. So, we use only fresh ingredients in freshly prepared food on the day of the event.

Can I choose the form of entertainment for my event?

At Crab Fiesta we only go about planning an event after asking our clients about the specifications, most importantly the kind of food and entertainment.

Do you bring tables?

We offer the complete setup for any event. We allow the provision of rented tables and chairs but do not solely rent tables and chairs as part of our services.

Do I need to let you know well in advance to make an event booking?

We would need a number on the final guest list 7 business days prior to the actual event. For weddings and in holiday season we would advise you to make the booking well in advance because we are overloaded with events at such times of the year and we like to keep a time margin for weddings just as a precautionary measure.

Are you licensed and insured? 

Our services, products and delivery automobiles are insured and our working staff is covered by California state workers compensation.

Can I place orders for dishes that are not in your menu as special request items for catering?

Sure! We take special requests for dishes that may not be in or menu but we do not take last minute special requests. For requesting dishes which are not in our menu, you will have to place order well in advance because they will have to go through our testing process to match and ensure our levels in standard and quality maintenance.

Do you offer catering services solely for vegetarian food and for specific diets?

We take care of all of our customer’s requirements. So, we will provide for your vegan guests with lip smacking vegetarian food and can also consider excluding or substituting any ingredients for dietary measures or health conditions such as allergies or sugar free dishes for diabetic patients and so on.

Do you ensure the entire setup and cleanup process for and after event?

We take care of the complete implementation process for any event tat we undertake including setting up the event and after event cleaning process.

Do you provide disposable plates and glasses as part of your catering service?

For the catering service for any type of event, we offer disposable plates, glasses, spoons and linen as part of our service. We also offer china and silverware for an additional charge if requested.

Do you have an additional charge for serving beverages?

We charge only for beverages that we provide. If the client is taking charge for providing beverages in the event, we would not charge any additional cost for serving the beverage but this only implies on grounds that the party is being held as a private event. For corporate or social events, we will charge an additional fee as alcohol insurance liability fee.

Do you offer bartending services?

Crab Fiesta complies with state laws that regulate alcohol consumption for individuals of that state, in our case California. Thus we provide bartending services but do not sell alcohol. We will accept the alcoholic beverage cartons just before the event. Store and chill them and bring them to the event and serve them to your guests. Once the event is over we shall separate the empty bottles and the unopened bottles in front of you and hand them over.

Do you charge labor on an hourly basis?

We either charge labor fees by the hour or cover it in our expenses in our package offer. If you avail our package service, it is all included. Otherwise, we will charge labor fees based on number of hours put into the event by our staff from time of setup to time of cleanup. Also, based on the scale of the event we have to allot the number of staff members. So it depends on time and scale of event as well.

Besides the cost for food, what other charges can I expect for a catered event?

Other than cost of food, we would certainly include service charge and will provide you with a detailed estimate upon your specifications for the event well in advance so that you will know about the rough figure before we venture into the implementation process.

What are the charges for plates, linen and glassware?

The basic charge is around $4-$8 per head but depends majorly upon the type of materials you choose for the plates, glassware and linen and their number depending on scale of event or catering.

How do you charge for your services?

We do not include charge for services of our front of house service staff. Our service charge covers various operational costs incurred amidst the implementation of each event, administrative costs such as appointments, scheduling, ordering, paperwork, banking and other charges such as credit card charges etc. Other than that, we cover some indirect costs like office and setup staff that handle back office event work which we do not charge as labor fees. Moreover, we cover liability insurance that is incurred in case of any damage to property or injuries caused by our staff to guests in attendance or to property.

Since we do not charge for delivery and fuel charges, we cover it under vehicle insurance and we also cover costs incurred in renting and handling of equipment and various other costs incurred in assisting in other elements of an event in the service charge.

Will you do set-up?

We cover the set up service under our event planning services.

Do I have to pay for the cutlery or basic table linens?

We offer disposable plates, glasses and linen which come under our catering services with no additional cost. In case you want china or silverware then we might add an additional cost for the cutlery and material you choose for linen.

Which events are the most budget friendly?

We offer highly economical buffets which are very easy on the pocket.

Does Crab Fiesta take care of renting the rentals for me? 

We take care of the renting aspect for renting tables, chairs and equipment necessary to conduct any event or catering service and cover the cost in our service charge.

Can we handle our own beverage service?

We would be pleased if you do!

Do you prepare buffet exactly as per number of guests mentioned or do you prepare at a slightly excess quantity?

At, Crab Fiesta, we believe in treating our guests with dignity and respect and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. Therefore we always make sure that there is enough for everyone to eat to their heart’s desire. So, we never run out of supply.

For how long do you usually conduct events?

In general our events go on for a period of 3-4 hours and our buffet service is open for around 1-2 hours in between that time period. We determine our labor estimate as per the scale and duration of the event. Also, we recommend client to cut off alcohol supply an hour prior to the conclusion of the event if client is willing to take responsibility for serving alcohol in the event.

Do I have to worry about domoic acid levels in your crabs?

There is absolutely no need to worry about domoic acid levels in our crabs since we order our crabs from the east coast or Alaska. Moreover, it has been declared that domoic acid levels in crabs in the area do not pose a threat to human health anymore.

Do you staff your events? 

We recruit sufficient and competent staff to cater to any sort or scale of events be it wait staff, on site cooks, chefs or event coordinators.

Do I have to pay an additional fee for the entertainment?

Since we are an event company, one of our major services is in providing quality entertainment. So, if you are booking an event, be rest assured that we will take care of the entertainment aspect to the best of our ability without any additional fee. Our charges always include cost for food and entertainment combined for which we provide our clients with an itemized invoice.