memorableFAMILY DINING Events!

Crab Fiesta offers an all-inclusive family dining experience. We pride ourselves for producing stunning and unforgettable events with fine cuisine and quality entertainment.


Ultimate dining experience
Whether it’s a fair, community festival, wedding or corporate event, Crab Fiesta can provide a versatile dining experience like none other. We specialize in turning any event into a festival of fun and frolic with great food and awesome performances!

Why crabs you might ask?

While we offer many a delicious delicacy, our crab legs became somewhat of a local legend here at the Bay Area, which inspired us greatly. Only the finest quality crabs from the best producers are served with a spectacular garlic butter sauce which is hard to resist!

Our chef also specializes in an assortment of fine gourmet dishes including prime rib, BBQ ribs, specialty chicken dishes, corn on the cob, broccoli, green beans, pastas, and fresh bread among many others.

No gastronomic escapade is ever complete without an assortment of delectable desserts! We serve fresh seasonal fruits, cheese cake, customized cakes, and cookies.



A fiesta, by definition is a grand celebration; which is why we offer a roster of talented, experienced performance artists including magicians, live bands, DJs, professional dancers, stand up comedians to light up your event! We are always looking for ways to sweep you off your feet with new, creative ideas, and each event is tailor made to ensure you have the best possible time.



Bringing together industry leading experience and creativity, Crab Fiesta is your go to event catering service. We specialize in hosting and managing weddings, receptions, birthday parties, bar mitzvah and other social events. We leverage insights from industry veterans such as Kay Pons and many others, and create an experience that will leave you and your guests awestruck!

Have an event you wish to turn into a fantastic experience? Shoot us a message and let’s get the ball rolling!